a) philosOphy 

 *This is not a Blog.

In order to challenge what already exists, we must create [space] for new ideas.  


The term “SLOG” refers to the conceptual evolution of the “blog” and “vlog”. It is a conscious stream of creative thinking towards the world around us.


This platform exists as a [space] for reinvention, positivity, curiosity and the exploration of ideas. Unbound by physical parameters, the Slog.co is an online platform that relies on fostering a creative and open minded community that encourages good.

Creating breeds creativity+this is our first plunge to explore how creative visions can inspire.



  1. A 'SLOG' is a conscious stream of creative thinking towards the world. A place where others can sample how you see the world, it was coined by Tsyon Feleke in 2018.
    It takes the form of a curated corner of the internet, and is intended to inspire, re-invent and challenge how we share ideas.

    It is the conceptual evolution of the Blog and Vlog.

    Person 1: "Hey, I just started a Slog you should have a look." 
    Person 2: "Sounds cool, but what is it?" 
    Person 1: "I've curated a place where I can share some of my own ideas and 
    visuals in a more meaningful way, it's more of a creative sample of how I see the world." 
    Person 2: " Sounds fire, I should start one, and we can share ideas!"